Scholarship ecard

Aquabest the country’s leading water franchise is pleased to announce the awarding of its new batch of scholars under its Corporate Shared Values (CSV) program.

Under its CSV program the company offers scholarships to the children of its deserving employees.The company has always placed an emphasis in the welfare of its employees and their families. This is driven by the company’s realization that its people are its prime assets and as part of its Christian values.

Every year the company sets aside funds to help with the education of its employees in good schools that offer quality education. With the scholarship grants, the children of its employees get to realize their dreams and reach their full potential.

Since its inception the scholarship program has assisted dozens of children in getting the good education needed to succeed in their life. This year’s scholars are: Fitz Geralde Palomar, Grade 2 at Creative Learning Center Educational Foundation Inc., Danica Marie Boton, 2nd year high school at Fortunato F. Halili Agricultural School and Scarleth Jane Cayetano, Grade 3 at Merry Mount Preparatory School.



AB Summer Ecard

With the mercury continuing to rise in recent weeks, everyone has sought ways to cool down and beat the heat. So, whether you’re spending your vacation in the beach and biking or just doing more outdoor activities it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated.

1)     Drink lots of water: The obvious choice for staying hydrated is drinking water and lots of it.  You can never have enough water on hand, and for days at the beach, freeze water bottles the night before so they can stay cold throughout the next day. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your energy up, and make your skin glow. Aquabest is processed using Grander Technology that rejuvenates water making it more effective at keeping you hydrated.

2)     Popsicles and ice candy can be an effective thirst quencher and cooler for a hot summer day, and they don’t just have to be for kids. Making your own popsicles is fun to do, and you are in control of what goes in them. You can use Aquabest to blend fruits and sweeteners, pour them on ice trays and stick a toothpick and freeze to make your own healthy popsicle.

3)     Sport and energy drinks are loaded with electrolytes needed on a hot summer day when you exert energy than normal. When your body is craving hydration, nothing tastes better than a sports drink as it slides down your throat to replenish your body. Just as effective as sports drinks is Aquabest processed using Grander Technology that improves on waters hydrating properties without any additives.

4)     Make sure you stay hydrated while in the pool or beach. Even though you are surrounded by water, you are using a lot of energy and water staying afloat and splashing around. Remember to bring along drinking water or you can enjoy some popsicle treats or juice boxes during the day.


ABLB Soon to Open@BLUE Residences Ecard

Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is poised to continue its expansion with the opening of its second condominium based water station.

The store located at the SM Blue Residences condominium complex in Katipunan, Quezon City is part of the company’s efforts to tap emerging communities brought about by the robust growth of the property sector. The company intends to open stores in other vertical developments all over Metro Manila.

The company says that the store is slated to open on March 2015 with a program aimed at increasing consumer awareness on the importance of clean water. The company will also launch promos and other activities such as mascot performances and motorcades meant to increase the public’s awareness on its new store.

Paul Tan, Aquabest’s Assistant Vice President for Operations says the company is very bullish on its prospects in the market as the issue of water safety and quality becomes more and more important. The continued growth in population especially in cities have taxed existing water pipelines giving rise to renewed concerns over water safety and quality in Metro Manila.


AB-SM E-Card

Aquabest the country’s premier water franchise has landed agreements to supply water to tenants of select SM Malls.

To date the company would be supplying the water requirements of mall tenants in 24 SM malls which include SM North Edsa and SM Fairview. It is also set to supply to other SM malls all over Luzon and Cagayan de Oro in the coming months. “We are pleased with the supply contracts we signed since they would not only benefit our company but also our franchisees to whom we are farming out part of the mall’s supply requirements. We look at this development as a vote of confidence in our strategy of delivering the best quality product with added value for our customers” says Carson Tan the company’s CEO.

To meet its supply commitments the company is opening strategically located production facilities in Metro Manila some of which are housed in SMDC property developments. Some of these new company owned facilities are located in SM Sea and SM Blue Residences. Part of the supply requirements would also be allocated to its franchisees.

The company is making a push towards institutional and corporate accounts as it seeks to expand its market share. Apart from SM malls, the company also has existing supply contracts with Globe Telecom, Ali Makati Hotel Property Inc. (Fairmont), PMFTC (Fortune), Loreal, Radio Mindanao Network, Shell Depot, and Ajinomoto.

SMART and Aquabest seal partnership agreement

AB Smart Partnership Agreement Ecard

Smart and Aquabest have signed an agreement for Smart to provide communications solutions to Aquabest franchisees. Signing the agreement are (L to R) Paul Tan Aquabest AVP –  Operations, Carson Tan Aquabest President/CEO, Ian Glen Asuzano Senior Manager Corporate Sales Acquisition, and Arwin Malimban Account Manager for SMART Retail Sales-NCR.



Aquabest recently joined thousands of runners and Quezon City residents in celebrating the city’s 75th anniversary by supporting the 4th Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM).

The company set up hydration stations along Quezon Avenue where it offered free water to the marathon participants. It also gave away awesome prizes to the 21k runners at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The QCIM is being held to honor and celebrate the 75th founding anniversary of Quezon City.

The event gathered 9,000 professional and amateur runners and marked the first time the global marathon event was held at night.



Take a look in any street in the country and you will likely see a franchised business as more and more people are making the decision to engage in entrepreneurship.

One of the reason franchising has been so successful is that; a synergy is created between franchisor and franchisee. Together the two could achieve things that as individual business people they could not do. While there are many examples of successful franchises, buying a franchise is no guarantee of success. A great factor in franchising success is the personal traits of the franchisee. Here are some traits of successful franchisees.

  1. Willingness to be a team player

The key to a successful franchise relationship is close cooperation between the franchisee and franchisor. The franchisor must take care of the interests of the franchise as a whole which may require complete cooperation in the part of the franchisee. The franchisee must also follow the system prepared by the franchisor. In the case of Aquabest, it appoints specialized franchise relations officers and customer care representatives to attend to the concerns and continuously build good ties with the franchisee. This means that Aquabest and its franchisees can work as a team to help each other succeed.

  1. Passion for the brand

The adage that work will not feel like work if you enjoy it rings true in franchising. More than good rapport with the franchisor, the franchisee must also be passionate and committed to the brand in order to succeed. Being committed helps one go the extra mile to help the business succeed.

That is why one must take their time and shop around for a franchise that they truly like before committing. With over 700 franchisees, Aquabest owes its phenomenal growth to the hard work and passion of its franchisees who helped it reach its current status as the country’s premiers water franchisor.

  1. Are you eager to learn

Like any other industry, franchising continues to change and evolve with new developments constantly cropping up. To keep up with these developments interested franchisees must always hone their knowledge by attending seminars organized by their franchisors or other organizations. Aquabest holds regular meetings with its franchisees to help keep them abreast with the latest industry developments and trends.

  1. Are you a “hands on” person

One of the advantages of franchising is most of the risks associated have already been encountered and overcome by the franchisors. Like most franchisors, Aquabest offers its franchisees a manual to help them run their business efficiently and effectively. However, the franchise manual that one would receive cannot possibly cover all possible scenarios. That is why one must be ready to be a “hands on” manager so as to monitor and address potential problems quickly and efficiently.

Should you possess most of these traits then franchising is indeed for you. To get started on your journey into franchising one can attend the free franchise seminars offered by Aquabest at their head office. For more information please contact Ms. Lyn Cordon at (02) 371-0478.