Aquabest partnered up with internationally acclaimed percussionist Paul Zialcita for the latter’s community music instruction program.

Paul Zialcita is famous for producing music from recycled materials such as used water bottles. He has begun to spread his advocacy of music for everyone by teaching and training children how to create music from used water bottles he dubbed “Aquadrums”.

Aquabest supported Zialcita by supplying him with used water bottles for his community music workshops usually conducted in neighbourhoods. The test run of their partnership was held at a recent workshop in Intramuros. The workshop saw dozens of children participating and was really successful with the participants drumming away at water bottles for the better part of the day. The company is set to continue supplying bottles for Zialcita’s future workshops.

The partnership between the two is part of the company’s Green Mindset Program that aims to promote recycling and sustainability. Aquabest looks forward to continue its collaboration with Mr Zialcita in the future to advance their common advocacies of promoting recycling and art.