Aquabest the country’s largest water refilling store franchise would like to do its part to help green the country by supporting Haribon’s upcoming tree planting activity.

The event will be held at Real, Quezon Province on September 21, 2013 and is part of the group’s ROAD TO 2020 campaign which aims to restore 1 million hectares of forests by year 2020 using indigenous tree species.

Apart from sponsoring donating seedlings, the company’s employees would also participate in the activity. Haribon and the company have had a long history of working together to help save the environment. The company seeks to help the environment as part of its Green Mindset Program which represents its commitment to give back more than it takes by promoting environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The company has long recognized the importance of forest conservation not just for the maintenance of the environment but also to ensure the continuity of its business. That is why the company has long supported environmental conservation initiatives. It also began its own tree planting campaign but still continued to look for ways to innovate with its corporate shared values program.

The company plans to upgrade their participation with the Haribon Foundation’s tree planting efforts. The company plans to employ local residents in the tree-planting site to take care of the tree planted. Hiring the locals will provide them livelihood while at the same time increasing the survival rates of the plants.
The company understands that it cannot do it alone but it believes that it can serve as an example for other companies to follow. It hopes that the success of the Green Mindset Program and its partnership with Haribon will show other companies that being profitable and being eco-friendly can go hand in hand.


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