AQUABEST TO JOIN MINBIZCON – Water firm gears up for Mindanao expansion.

AQUABEST TO JOIN MINBIZCON - Water firm gears up for Mindanao expansion.

Water franchising leader GQWEST announced plans to expand its Aquabest franchise to more areas in Mindanao as it joins the Mindanao Business Conference (MINBIZCON).

MINBIZCON now in its 22nd year is the largest gathering of businesses in Mindanao and represents a huge opportunity for the company to expand in the region. Expanding its presence in Mindanao has been a priority for the company as it seeks to capitalize on the increased development in the area.

The company’s head, Carson Tan says “The growth of urbanization and the economy in Mindanao has opened up a large opportunity for us as we seek to further enlarge our nationwide presence. At the same time, expanding in the region will allow the company to fulfill its mission to offer safe drinking water to people in areas where potable water remains problematic.”

The company says it intends to pursue growth opportunities in Mindanao particularly in Davao. The company says hat Mindanao has a rapidly urbanizing population which is critical to support the business. The areas also represent an opportunity to expand from the congested Luzon markets where the company’s stores are mostly located.

To help prospective franchisees take out a franchise the company inked partnerships with banks like BPI that would facilitate loan applications to possible franchisees. The company also offers in house financing to prospective franchisees.

The MINBIZCON would run from August 8-10 at the SMX Convention Center at SM Lanang Premier Davao City.

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