Aquaquest the country’s fastest water station franchise is spreading the love this Mother’s Day with its new social media promo.

The company is giving away cool prizes to the lucky winners of its Mother’s Day promo on Facebook. To join all one has to do is to visit the company’s Facebook page ( and follow the instructions. The promo is the company’s tribute to all moms out there who word hard day in and day out for the welfare of their families particularly their children.

Providing clean water for their children is a primary concern for mothers these days due to the intense summer heat which may cause dehydration. Dehydration is a serious problem for children since it can lead to a reduction in both mental and physical performance. More serious than dehydration, is the threat posed by unclean water which can cause health problems and illnesses.

Each Aquaquest store offers three types of water Purified, Alkaline, and Mineral for specific needs ensuring that everyone can get the type of water they need the most. Aquaquest’s purified water is good for everyday drinking and general consumption. Mineral water is perfect for people on the go who need to replenish their lost minerals. Alkaline water on the other hand is for people with specific medical needs.

With Aquaquest every mother can be sure that her child only gets the very best water possible


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