GQWEST, the company behind Aquabest will highlight the country’s first car wash delivery service the Best Mobile Wazzers at the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).

The Manila International Auto Show is the Philippines’ biggest motor show with more than 300 cars on display, ranging from the latest subcompact hatchbacks to the toughest pickups and fastest sports cars. Best Mobile Wazzers is part of the company’s EntrepRises franchise concept and features a mobile car wash on demand service that allows clients to have their car washed anywhere with just a single phone call. This is done using a specially outfitted motorcycle which carries proprietary technology which enables it to carry an onboard water supply and equipment like pressure washers and vacuum cleaners.

The service offers several cleaning packages depending on the needs of the client which includes an Elite package which uses imported car care products from Meguairs. Best Mobile Wazers can wash cars up to the size of a starex van and will eventually offer waterless car wash and other services such as detailing.

Compared to regular carwashes, Best Mobile Wazzers promises its clients added convenience since the client can dictate the time and place of the car wash. Since the service serves only one customer at a time, the client can avoid queues allowing them to go about their regular activities and saving even more time.

Best Mobile Wazzers is just one of the six concepts included in the company’s EntrepRises concept that aims to offer consumers added convenience by offering up to five different services that can be availed with a single phone call. The concept bundles water delivery, laundry, housekeeping, alteration, and carwash into one store so you can avail these services from a single provider.
The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) will be held on April 4 to 7, 2013 at the World Trade Center and Philippine Trade Center.


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