Aquabest and its mother company GQWEST Inc would like to join the world in celebrating and working towards the ideals of World Water Day (WWD).

Established in 2005 with an advocacy of “water for life”, WWD is a decade long initiative of the United Nations to ensure universal access to safe and clean water. From 2005 to 2015, the UN would like to highlight the magnitude of the problem, but also to bring all stakeholders together to apply solutions that work. By giving everyone the right to clean water, it is hoped that one of the root causes of poverty and disease can be addressed.

Carson Tan, CEO of GQWEST Inc says the company is aware of the significance but also of the scale of the problem. “When we started in the 1990’s the lack of clean and potable drinking water was a major problem and a significant contributor to the growth of the water refilling industry. Since then, the situation has drastically improved but much of our water remains contaminated. This ultimately means that millions of Filipinos still have to suffer from the diseases and problems posed by a lack of clean water. “

To address this problem, Aquabest has worked on some measures to alleviate the problem and improve access to clean water. First, is GQWEST’s thrust of introducing various brands catering to specific markets that offer clean and affordable water. The company is also involved in industry groups like the WQAP that aims to improve access and the quality of our drinking water. Finally, it has partnerships with groups like Haribon to help preserve and expand our watersheds, which provide the bulk of our drinking water.

“With millions of people suffering every day because of inadequate access to clean water not just in the country but also around the world we can no longer afford to stay silent and do nothing. We need to be proactive and be part of the solution “says Tan. He adds that Aquabest is committed to championing the ideals of WWD, and is seeking more ways to bring fresh and clean water to everyone.


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