GQWEST Inc the company behind the Aquabest water franchise is set to join the 18th Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition the Philippine’s biggest construction exposition.

The company would be setting up a booth at the exhibit to showcase its latest business offerings that will capitalize on the growth of the country’s construction industry. Worldbex is known as a platform for companies and individuals to highlight some of the newest developments in the building and construction industry.

The Philippine property industry is set to continue its robust growth driven by strong inflows of foreign remittances from OFW’s coupled by a growing local market with increased purchasing power because of favorable economic conditions. The economy’s strong performance is spurring residential property demand from the local market. The growth of the construction industry will provide the company with opportunities for further growth due to new markets they open up.

“As the construction market grows there would be an increase in demand for household and industrial water solutions and with more than a decade of experience in the water industry our company is well positioned to address the needs of this growing market” says Neil Delgado the company’s general manager.

The company would be showcasing its household and industrial water applications that will cater to the needs of the growing construction industry and awareness with environmental friendly construction practices. The company also offers setting up small community sewage treatment facility, household water treatment and waste water management equipment. It also offers consultancy services for the design and construction of these facilities. To reinforce its position as a trusted name in the market the company has partnered with the top names in the industry such as GE Water Process and Technologies, Salher, Benenv among others.


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