Urban Camping Tips from Aquabest

Urban Camping Tips from Aquabest

Summer time often conjures up images of travelling to destinations like beaches, mountains, and other exotic locales which while fun and exciting can also drain one’s budget.

That is why more and more people are discovering the joys of urban camping. Urban camping redefines the concept of camping by making it within everyone’s reach and involves nothing more than spending a night or more in the city setting. Its popularity is due in part to its affordability, convenience, and the thrill of experiencing the city in a new way. Because of this, many people are increasingly finding the urban nomad lifestyle an interesting alternative to the usual outdoor camping experience.

To better enjoy your urban camping experience, Aquabest would like to share the following tips:

• Determine the proper site for your urban camping adventure: Not all campsites are created equal, scout ahead and determine the best places to camp out in terms of safety, accessibility, and of course decide on the place where you will have the most fun.

• Pack up everything you will need for the time you are staying: Bring everything you need such as food, water, and other supplies but remember to pack light it is after all a camping trip. Pack extra food in case something goes wrong or you are delayed. To ensure the quality of your drinking water bring along Aquabest structured water a completely new type of water that is not only clean but also offers health benefits. Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated inside and out.

• Shower and sanitary facilities: Always choose a campsite with bathroom facilities or shower facilities. This is particularly important for multiday camping trips over the weekend. If you have a membership of a gym that extends to your area you are going to and has some along the way, you can use their showers. If you don’t have that, you can sneak into pools and shower there. Make sure to watch your stuff or lock it up.

• Restock on your provisions: For multiday camping trips, you may find the need to buy additional food, water, and other supplies. For that reason it pays to camp near convenience stores or supermarkets. For clean and healthy water one can check out Aquabest structured water in select convenience stores all over Metro Manila.
Recognizing the growing popularity of urban camping, Aquabest in cooperation with Discovery Channel and Coleman recently held its first-ever Urban Survival Camp at the SM Mall of Asia grass grounds near San Miguel By the Bay. The event featured various talks, demonstrations, and exhibits regarding basic mountaineering, outdoor cooking, stargazing, and night photography. The participants spent the night roasting smokes over bonfires, playing games and watching a mini entertainment show, and an outdoor cinema. The event showed everyone that urban camping is simple, but it does take a little planning.


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