Philippine Patriots win big at the ABL – Team credits performance to Aquabest: the Water for Champions

Philippine Patriots win big at the ABL - Team credits performance to Aquabest: the Water for Champions

In recent weeks the Air Asia Philippine Patriots have been making waves in the current ASEAN Basketball League 2012 Regular Season.

To date the team has had a good run being at the top of the team standings edging out teams from neighboring countries. This season the team won eight of the ten matches and has continued to rack up one win after another.

In order to achieve their phenomenal performance in the court the team attributes their success to Aquabest structured water. Point guard Marcy Arellano says “Aquabest gives me extended time to play while maintaining my energy during the game.” He adds that for athletes it is very important to stay hydrated all the time to avoid injuries and dehydration.

Every drop of structured water reaches deep into your cells flushing away toxins that cause fatigue. At the same time, it infuses every cell with renewed energy and vitality. Among those who have experienced firsthand the restorative effects of structured water is point guard Warren Ybanez who observes that “structured water restores the energy I lose from playing and keeps me hydrated.” Structured water will keep one energized and hydrated so one can stay in the game longer, faster, and stronger.

Being more efficient than ordinary water in hydrating the body, structured water is perfect for athletes who are looking for quick hydration on the go. Shooting guard Jonathan Fernandez agrees saying “Aquabest hydrates me so I could always be on top of my game. For me it’s important to keep hydrated to be able to keep on playing.”

Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties. The company achieves this feat using the cutting edge Grander Technology developed from Austria and exclusively licensed to the company in the country. Grander Technology works by realigning water molecules to their natural configuration using magnetic fields. This realignment allows the water to regain its natural vitality and makes the water molecules more organized.

Another way to picture it would be to compare a disorganized group of people trying to enter a room contrasted with a group that lines up properly. Overall, by reorganizing the water molecules, Grander Technology energizes them and returning water to the lost elixir that it used to be.

With structured water, Aquabest lives up to its name and teams up with Filipino athletes for yet another game changing “shift” for the win.


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