GQWEST sets up Employee Savings Pool Fund

GQWEST sets up Employee Savings Pool Fund

GQWEST Inc the country’s leading water franchising company has announced the establishment of a savings pool fund for its employees to provide them with additional benefits.

Carson Tan the company’s president says the company has always put a premium on the welfare of its employees which is why it has implemented numerous programs aimed at improving employee welfare. “Our focus on worker welfare is due to our recognition of the invaluable contributions our employees make for the company’s success. It is also part of our emphasis on upholding and promoting Christian values. That is why the company’s assistance to its employees stretches all the way to their retirement with the creation of the Savings Pool Fund. “

The fund is a retirement fund that allows the employee to augment their social security benefits by making regular deductions on the employee’s salary. The deductions are matched by the company. The funds are then invested in high earning instruments that allow the employees money to grow. The employees get regular dividends from the funds with the option to plow them back to the fund. The fund is the company’s way of recognizing and rewarding its employees for their years of hard work who have helped the company reach its current level of success.

The savings pool fund is part of the company’s corporate shared values program that seeks to pioneer a new way of conducting CSR by giving back more to the community than what it takes. With its CSV program the company hopes to usher in a new age of business sustainability.


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