GQWEST launches Mentorship Program

GQWEST launches Mentorship Program

GQWEST Inc the country’s leading water franchising company has announced the extension of its Corporate Shared Values program with the establishment of a mentorship program.

The company made the move after noting the success it has enjoyed in recent years. This has spurred its management to prioritize giving back to society by sharing their knowledge and experience with others. GQWEST CEO, Carson Tan says “In our company we believe that a person must take charge of his or her own destiny, but we also recognize the risks involved in entrepreneurship. When we were starting out we didn’t have anyone to guide us so now that we are successful we decided to share our experiences and knowledge with those interested. With proper mentoring, entrepreneurship becomes less of a gamble and more of a stable and sure fire way to succeed in business.”

That is why the company and its employees are active in sharing what they know thru its mentorship program. Under the program the company participates in talks and seminars that will allow others to learn from its experience. Over the years the company has participated in numerous talks where it has helped hundreds of people gain the inspiration and knows how they need to succeed.

Among some of the events the company has participated in are MAFBEX and CEFBEX the country’s premier food service events which showcase the cutting edge in the food service and beverage industry. In both events the company conducted a talk “Understanding the Laws of Marketing for Better Branding” given by the company’s Marketing Manager Joel Cruz.

In his talk, Cruz emphasized the need for companies to cultivate and develop their own brand identities. Branding is particularly important for small businesses who seek to grow their business despite having limited resources. The company in particular owes it success to its aggressive branding strategy that built up the Aquabest brand to a household name.

In the end the mentorship program is just a single component of the company’s corporate shared values program that seeks to pioneer a new way of conducting CSR by giving back more to the community than what it takes.


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