Aquabest is proud to announce its support to the Philippine Coffee Board as it celebrates this year’s Coffee Origins festival.

Coffee Origins is an annual celebration of Philippine coffee of which the company has been a proud sponsor for many years. This is because; apart from the company’s advocacy of supporting Filipino enterprises the company also believes that Aquabest premium is the key to producing an excellent cup of coffee.

The quality of coffee being mostly water unsurprisingly hinges a lot on the quality of the water you use changes in the acidity, alkalinity, or mineral content in the water can affect the taste of coffee. But Aquabest Premium allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your coffee since it is pure and without any contaminants that would affect its taste. What’s more the signature Grander Technology used to treat the water allows you to enjoy a stronger richer coffee by allowing the coffee, creamer, and sugar to better infuse and mix in your cup.

Grander technology was developed from Austria and exclusively licensed in the country to the country. To get an idea of how Grander technology works picture this. Imagine that water molecules are cars on a road. With ordinary water, these cars are disorganized making movement slow laborious and inefficient. With Aquabest premium, picture these cars lining up in neat lines causing movement to be faster and more efficient. In short Aquabest premium allows the coffee and other components to dissolve and mix better allowing you to enjoy better and smoother coffee.

So the next time you want to brew a cup of Joe prepare it with the best water, the only structured pure water, Aquabest Premium.


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