Beat the Traffic Heat with Aquabest!

Beat the Traffic Heat with Aquabest!

With the mercury continuing to rise in recent weeks, everyone has sought ways to cool down and beat the heat.

From seeking refuge in malls or air conditioned establishments, to taking a refreshing dip in the pool we all have our ways of keeping cool. But everyone would agree that nothing cools and refreshes better than a drink of ice cold water. That is why Aquabest has launched its “Beat the Traffic Heat” campaign that seeks to provide a respite from the oppressive heat by selling chilled structured water along the major thoroughfares of Metro Manila. For two weeks the company set up “cooling stations” along Quezon Avenue where motorists suffering from both the heat and the traffic could enjoy a much needed break.

But more than just offering water, the “cooling stations” also allowed a lucky few the privilege of having their water handed by this year’s Miss Earth candidates. On April 23, 2012 six of the most gorgeous women in the country, Dianne Dreyfus of Bacolod City, Zandra Flores of Manaoag Pangasinan, Melanie Ann Belina of Calapan City, Crislet Rase Gerona of Pagadian City, Margaret Llavor of San Fernando, Romblon, & Dorothy Joy Pagurayan of Cabugao, ilocos Sur visited GQWEST head office. They paid a courtesy call on the company to know more of its efforts in protecting the environment. Following this, they gamely went out to one of the “cooling stations” and help beat the traffic heat by giving free Aquabest structured water. Their presence amazed starstruck motorists, some of whom ignored the grinding traffic to snap a photo or two with this year’s candidates.

Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties. Water from natural sources like streams and rivers can be considered “alive” with healing and rejuvenating properties with a highly symmetrical structure. However, pollutants and the high pressure and chemicals used for water treatment and transport disorder and strips water of these beneficial qualities rendering them “dead”. Structured water is the company’s effort to bring the water back to life and restore its original properties. The company achieves this feat using advanced technology called Grander technology developed from Austria and exclusively licensed in the country.

To get an idea of how Grander technology works picture this. Imagine your cells are doors with the water molecules as people trying to get inside. With ordinary water, these people are disorganized making entry slow laborious and inefficient. With structured water, picture these people lining up in neat lines causing entry to be faster and more efficient. This allows structured water to offer superior hydration by penetrating each cell to its core. Being more efficient than ordinary water in hydrating the body, structured water is perfect for anyone looking for quick hydration on the go.
With structured water, Aquabest is helping everyone beat the summer heat by offering water that is perfected by nature, delivered by technology.


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