Back to School Reminder from Aquabest!

Back to School Reminder from Aquabest!

With the opening of school, mothers usually have to worry about so many details as their children get back to school. From making sure everything is ready for your child, to waking up on time, and most importantly keeping them healthy. Apart from, preparing nutritious baon for their children, moms should also pay attention to the water their children drink. Contaminated water can cause a multitude of water borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhus, among others. These not only cause your child to miss school but can also threaten their lives.

That is why; mothers should choose the water they give their children well, that is why they should choose Aquabest. Offering a completely new type of water, Structured Water, Aquabest offers water that is not only clean but also has health benefits. Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties.

Water from natural sources like streams and rivers can be considered “alive” with healing and rejuvenating properties with a highly symmetrical structure. However, pollutants and the high pressure and chemicals used for water treatment and transport disorder and strips water of these beneficial qualities rendering them “dead”. Structured water helps bring the water back to life and restore its original properties. This feat is achieved using advanced technology called Grander technology developed from Austria and exclusively licensed in the country to the country.

To get an idea of how Grander technology works picture this. Imagine your cells are doors with the water molecules as people trying to get inside. With ordinary water, these people are disorganized making entry slow laborious and inefficient. With structured water, picture these people lining up in neat lines causing entry to be faster and more efficient. This allows structured water to offer superior hydration by penetrating each cell to its core.

Aquabest also utilizes the latest filtration technology including reverse osmosis filters. Reverse osmosis is the same technology used by NASA to supply fresh water for space missions. The advanced multistage filter along with the reverse osmosis technology eliminates all bacterial, viral, chemical, and mechanical contaminants in the water. So with structured water you not only get clean water you also get healthy water.
So why take a risk with your child’s wellbeing? Make sure that your child enjoys school by keeping him healthy and happy. Give him Aquabest Structured Water perfected by nature, delivered by technology.

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