Aquaquest: The fastest growing water franchise in the Philippines

Aquaquest: The fastest growing water franchise in the Philippines

GQWEST, the company that developed the country’s premier water franchise Aquabest, introduces the fastest growing water franchise in the country, Aquaquest.

With over one hundred stores, Aquaquest continues its growth due to the unprecedented opportunities it offers its franchisees – an expanded market offering three different types of water from a single store. The company’s CEO, Carson Tan, says Aquaquest will allows franchisees to keep up with the changing industry landscape. “Water has gone a long way from being a luxury product in the 1990’s to its current status as a commodity today. However, we are seeing a paradigm shift about to happen where added value, not price, would be the primary motivator for the consumer.”

A single Aquaquest store can offer three different types of water: purified, mineral, and alkaline. While the purified water is the staple product of the store, the mineral and alkaline types of water would appeal most to people who have specific medical needs or those who need water as a health supplement. “We believe that people now prefer products with added value. In line with this we would like to shift our stores from merely providing clean water to also helping keep them healthy,” says Tan.

More than just providing its franchisees and consumers with more options, the franchise also offers its franchisees a faster return period due to increased sales brought about by the 3-in-1 concept of the enterprise. This triples their opportunities and chances for success with just a single store.

Apart from its flexible marketing options, acquiring an Aquaquest franchise is now made easier due to the financing options offered by GQWEST. Franchisees can also take advantage of the company’s tie-ups with institutions like BPI Family Savings Bank to help secure a KaNegosyo loan package for their franchise. The company also offers excellent after-sales support with a store opening package, local marketing and technical support.

Further, with the company’s Green-Mindset advocacy, the Aquaquest water store may be bundled with a LaundryQuest store to conserve water and increase the store’s income.
With its combination of a solid business concept, affordable franchise package with flexible financing terms, excellent support system, Aquaquest is shaping up to be the next dominant player in the water franchising industry.

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