GQWEST Inc the mother company of Aquabest, the country’s leading water refilling franchise has announced the success of its participation in the recent 11th Filipino Franchise Show with the launch of its EntrepRises concept.
The company’s public launch of its EntrepRises was both fun and star studded with the Aquabest booth being among the top crowd drawers in the event. Gracing the launch were stars such as dancing sensations Happy Feet and Nicole Hyala. Fans were able to meet and greet their idols while learning more about water.

Being the one of the top crowd drawers in the show, the company’s booth managed to generate numerous inquiries from interested franchisees. Apart from inquiries, the Aquabest booth also generated significant public awareness due to its activities like games and raffles. The company sees its new EntrepRises concept as the future of the water refilling industry.

EntrepRises allows people to avail of five different services with just one phone call. The concept bundles water delivery, laundry, housekeeping, alteration, and carwash into one store so you can avail these services from a single provider.

At the heart of EntrepRises is the Aquabest 3 in 1 Combostore which integrates Aquabest, Laundrybest, and Oxyplus brands. Aquabest is the company’s flagship brand, which is shifting to offer structured water healthier water that helps flush the body of harmful toxins. Laundrybest is the company’s Laundromat franchise, while Oxyplus its oxygenated alkaline water brand for people with particular health needs. This winning combination is further enhanced by three add on businesses the Maid for the Day, Best Mobile Wazzers, Hemmingbird.

Maid for the Day is a pay per use housekeeping service for yuppies and on the go professionals who are unwilling or unable to retain full time maids. Hemmingbird is an alteration service aimed at servicing clients who would like to have alterations done to their clothes while having them cleaned. Best Mobile Wazzers is the first car wash delivery service that offers car wash on demand. Imagine, having your car washed at your office, at your house, or anywhere you want Eventually, Best Mobile Wazzers would also offer waterless carwash for added convenience.

The best things about these add on businesses is they generate added value and income for the franchisee without additional space or manpower investments. The concepts offer a faster return period and better margins. Compared to other franchise concepts, it is more efficient and sustainable. It does this by maximizing the use of every resource from the water to the manpower of each store.

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