Aquabest keeps Travelling Safe and Easy!

Aquabest keeps Travelling Safe and Easy!

With the rise of budget airlines more Filipinos are getting to travel around the country than ever before.

Whereas before the ordinary person would usually travel to the outskirts of Metro Manila like Laguna and Batangas are now venturing farther out to more remote areas. While enjoyable and novel travelling to remote areas poses its own problems and risks among them is that of dehydration. That is why Aquabest would like to offer these tips to make your travel a fun and safe experience.

1) Drink lots of water before your flight:
Dehydration is a big problem on airplanes as the air circulating inside is dry and low in humidity this can be avoided by drinking fluids throughout the flight. Prepare for your flight by buying a big bottle of water before boarding the plane, and sip from it throughout your time on the plane. Many suggest eight ounces of water for every hour in the air. Aquabest’s Structured Water is processed using Grander Technology that rejuvenates water making it more effective at keeping you hydrated.

2) Plan ahead and carry ample supplies
You need to plan your exact trip itinerary and take note of any hospitals, police stations or areas you may need to go in case of an emergency. Pack up everything you will need for the time you are staying. This is especially important for people travelling to remote locations where food or water safety is an issue. Bring everything you need such as food, water, and other supplies but remember to pack light. Pack extra food in case something goes wrong or you are delayed. To ensure the quality of your drinking water bring along Aquabest structured water a completely new type of water that is not only clean but also offers health benefits. Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated inside and out.

3) Stay hydrated and moisturized while on the road
Whether its lounging on the beach, touring sites, or exploring a trail remember to bring lots and lots of water as well as putting on moisturizer and sunblock. Moisturizer and sunblock is important to avoid getting skin damage as you are exposed to the sun’s rays. Drinking water would allow you to enjoy your trip by refreshing and reenergizing your body. To ensure that you get the cleanest water possible get Aquabest Structured Water which is available in nearly 500 stores nationwide and a few convenience stores.

Get the most out of your trip by staying safe and hydrated with by ensuring you stay hydrated with Aquabest!

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