Aquabest included in BPI Best List Franchises

Aquabest included in BPI Best List Franchises

Aquabest has been chosen by BPI as one of its Best List brands for franchising in recognition of the company’s reputation for franchising excellence.
Jose Teodoro Limcaoco, president of BPI Family Savings Bank, said “What we do is we say, here are the franchises we believe in. We have evaluated them and they’re in an accredited list and you can pick from the 30 we have. The next problem you have is financing and BPI Family can finance your franchise. The reason we can do that is we already know the business.”

For a franchise to be included in the Best List means it is an established, profitable and franchisee-friendly brand. Most of the companies in the list are profitable, having a return on investment (ROI) of less than three years. Aspiring entrepreneurs taking out a BPI Ka Negosyo Franchising Loan on Aquabest can enjoy incentives such as no collateral franchising loan and shorter processing time.

Aquabest has long been recognized for franchising excellence having won numerous awards from industry bodies and media entities like Entrepreneur Magazine. Following numerous franchising excellence awards from Entrepreneur, the company was inducted last year as one of the magazine’s pioneer Franchise Hall of Fame awardees.


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