Aquabest celebrates World Earth Day

Aquabest celebrates World Earth Day

Aquabest and its mother company GQWEST Inc would like to join the world in celebrating and working towards the ideals of World Earth Day (WED).

Earth Day was established in 1970 with an advocacy to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment. Since, then the celebration of Earth Day has been observed through activities like Earth Hour. This year, the theme for Earth Day is A Billion Acts of Green. A Billion Acts of Green aims to inspire and reward both simple individual acts and larger organizational initiatives that further the goal of measurably reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainability. It aims to gather one billion actions in advance of the Earth Summit in Rio in 2012.

In support of WED, the company is proud to present its Green Mindset Campaign. The campaign was launched with the grand vision of eventually giving back more than it takes. From its beginnings as a tree planting program the company decided to expand it to make greater contributions to the betterment of society. “We started the program after seeing the impact of environmental degradation, which affects our business by diminishing the water supplies our stores, rely on,” says Carson Tan CEO of GQWEST.


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