For most people childhood represents some of the happiest and best moments of their lives but sometimes a cruel twist of fate makes childhood a painful experience with a possibly tragic ending.
This is the prospect faced by the parents of Mark Angelo Salazar a child born with pediatric biliary atresia, a disease where the liver could not produce bile to eliminate toxins from the body. The disease ravaged young Mark’s body wracking it with pain as his belly swelled and he developed jaundice along with a host of other complications. Despite, the challenges they faced Mark remain upbeat and lively despite the numerous afflictions he faced. This gave his parents the will to fight as they sought help for their child.

Having heard of Mark’s plight, Aquabest immediately set out to raise funds for his treatment by selling “I Saved A Child’s Life” T-Shirts. The campaign was very successful and helped raise the money needed for Mark’s treatment and his liver transplant in Taiwan in January. Thanks to the support of numerous donors and those who bought the shirt’s Mark now faces a bright future free from his current discomfort.



Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is spreading the love this February with its “My Love for U is 2BIG” promo.

The promo offer the lucky winners a romantic evening date and tickets to the much anticipated Side A concert along with a host of other fun prizes. The contest is open to shutterbugs who must take creative shots completing the “My Love 4 U is 2Big coz…..”

The entry photo should be mailed to and include the following details your Facebook account and the address of the Aquabest Water Store nearest to them. A list of Aquabest store locations can be found under the franchise section of .

Participants whose entries are qualified would be notified by Aquabest who will tag their entry to their Facebook accounts. The entry to garner the most number of like would win concert tickets a romantic dinner along with awesome freebies. The entry would also become the cover photo for Aquabest’s fan page as well as disseminated in major publications.

The promo runs until February 12 with the winner being announced on February 12. For more information about the promo visit Aquabest’s fan page on Facebook (



Aquabest, the country’s premiere water franchise joins the celebration of the coming Chinese New Year.

“This year we intend to further refine and perfect our new concepts like EntrepRises and the revitalized Aquaquest water franchise. We believe that this year would be a good year for us as we continue to be the trendsetter for the water franchising industry.” says Carson Tan President of GQWEST Inc, Aquabest’s mother company.

EntrepRises is a groundbreaking franchise concept that integrates several businesses into a single package. The concept is a unique concept that will give franchisees multiple value and opportunities to succeed. More than offering a solid business concept, EntrepRises offers the public the answer to all their household needs.

At the heart of EntrepRises are five franchise/service offerings consumers can choose from to create a complete and total franchise package. EntrepRises integrates tried and tested, franchise concepts and all new value added services into one. Bundled in the package are GQWEST’s Aquabest, Laundrybest, and Oxyplus brands. Building upon these solid brands are several complementary businesses to further increase their service offerings. The add-on services include Maid for the Day a pay per use housekeeping service, Hemmingbird an alteration service, and Best Mobile Wazzers the country’s first carwash delivery. All these concepts are designed to complement each other and will address the needs of the communities they are located in.
The combination of all these concepts would allow franchisees and end consumers to benefit from the synergies of these complimentary concepts. With EntrepRises, the company hopes to raise the bar for the franchising industry in terms of innovation, value, and sustainability. EntrepRises will pioneer a new value- and excellence-driven approach to franchising that will benefit the industry and the public as well.

With more than a hundred stores, Aquaquest continues its growth due to the unprecedented opportunities it offers its franchisees an expanded market by offering three different types of water from a single store. A single Aquaquest store can offer three different types of water purified, mineral, and alkaline. While the purified water is the staple product of the store the mineral and alkaline would appeal to people who have specific medical needs or those who want their water to deliver additional benefits.

On the whole the company expects that 2013 would be a good year as it continues to innovate and move forward as the trendsetter in the country’s franchising industry.



Aquabest the county’s leading water refilling franchise has partnered with Sun Cellular to provide added value
for its franchisees. Under the partnership Sun Cellular would provide the company’s franchisees with the
communication technology to improve productivity and efficiency. Signing the agreement are (L to R)
Paul Andrew Tan Aquabest Marketing Manager, Carson Tan Aquabest President/CEO, Corinne Funk-Zablan,
Sun Cellular Assistant Vice President – Strategic Sales Partnership and RS Ricasata, Senior Manager – Sun Business Marketing.



GQWEST has long recognized the importance of forest conservation not just for the maintenance of the environment but also to ensure the continuity of its business, that’s why we are proud to announce our continuous support to Haribon’s Million Hectare Challenge as their hydration partner. This year’s event was held last November 25, 2012 at CCP Complex. Aquabest structured water allowed all the runners together with GQWEST BEST RUNNERS to go the extra mile and finished the challenge.



GQWEST the country’s largest water refilling franchise is proud to have participated with the Great Lighthouse Foundation and National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) recent Voluntary Blood Program.

The bloodletting program aims to help boost the supply of blood in the country’s blood banks. At present health workers need to collect 2,232 units of donated blood every day to ensure the adequacy of blood supply to meet the Philippine annual blood requirement currently pegged at 700,000 to 750,000 units.

The company was able to provide the NKTI with 11 blood donors who each gave around a pint of blood each. The volunteers stated that they are happy to have done their part to help save the lives of people who urgently need blood transfusions in order to survive.

GQWEST sets up Employee Savings Pool Fund

GQWEST sets up Employee Savings Pool Fund

GQWEST Inc the country’s leading water franchising company has announced the establishment of a savings pool fund for its employees to provide them with additional benefits.

Carson Tan the company’s president says the company has always put a premium on the welfare of its employees which is why it has implemented numerous programs aimed at improving employee welfare. “Our focus on worker welfare is due to our recognition of the invaluable contributions our employees make for the company’s success. It is also part of our emphasis on upholding and promoting Christian values. That is why the company’s assistance to its employees stretches all the way to their retirement with the creation of the Savings Pool Fund. “

The fund is a retirement fund that allows the employee to augment their social security benefits by making regular deductions on the employee’s salary. The deductions are matched by the company. The funds are then invested in high earning instruments that allow the employees money to grow. The employees get regular dividends from the funds with the option to plow them back to the fund. The fund is the company’s way of recognizing and rewarding its employees for their years of hard work who have helped the company reach its current level of success.

The savings pool fund is part of the company’s corporate shared values program that seeks to pioneer a new way of conducting CSR by giving back more to the community than what it takes. With its CSV program the company hopes to usher in a new age of business sustainability.

GQWEST President recognized by franchising body

GQWEST President recognized by franchising body

GQWEST Inc’s President/CEO Carson Tan has recently been recognized as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) at the recent Franchise Asia Philippines exhibit at the SMX Convention Center.

The designation as a Certified Franchise Executive shows his and the company’s commitment to franchising. Among franchise leaders, the CFE designation has become widely known and recognized as a mark of distinction that offers a wide range of benefits. As a CFE, Tan has committed himself and the company to continually learning and practicing the best practices in the field of franchising.

Tan says, “This recognition is both recognition of the good work our company has done in practicing responsible franchising while at the same time serving as a challenge to continually improve our franchising system. Rest assured that our company will continue to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of creating innovative new concepts for the people.”

For more than a decade, GQWEST Inc. has developed many successful franchise brands such as Aquabest, Laundrybest, Aquaquest, and Laundry Quest. It has also developed new business models such as the 3 in 1 Combostore and EntrepRises a customizable business.



GQWEST the country’s largest water refilling franchise has signed a service agreement with Hyundai Trucks for car wash services offered by its new Best Mobile Wazzers car wash concept.

Under the agreement, Best Mobile Wazzers will handle the car wash requirements of Hyundai Trucks for its fleet of trucks, mixers, coaster, and buses displayed in its showroom along Quezon Avenue. “The agreement with Hyundai Trucks is our first corporate account for Best Mobile Wazzers and we are proud to have the opportunity to serve the needs of a globally renowned heavy equipment manufacturer. This agreement also highlights the versatility of the concept as the country’s first carwash delivery service.”

Best Mobile Wazzers is the first car wash delivery service that offers consumers car wash service on demand. The concept allows consumers to have their car washed at their offices, house, or anywhere they want. The concept uses proprietary technology to compress all the equipment used by a regular car wash on board a motorcycle. With its heavy duty pressure washer the service can clean the toughest grime off cars making it look brand new.

Best Mobile Wazzers was launched earlier this year as part of the company’s EntrepRises concept that seeks to offer consumers unparalleled convenience by bundling several service offerings into one provider. Apart from the mobile car wash, one can also avail of water delivery, laundry, housekeeping, and alteration services from EntrepRises.



Aquaquest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is proud to announce its support for the Ms. Women’s Journal Cover Girl 2012.

The contest is an annual event which aims to discover potential Cover Girl models that will represent not only Women’s Journal, but in the future, our country as well. The contest showcased more than a dozen ladies who showed that Filipino’s boasts more than just looks but also great character. To show the company’s support for the event, Paul Andrew Tan, the Marketing Manager of GQWEST awarded Margarita Franchesca Cruz of Caloocan City the title Ms. Aquaquest.

Aquaquest has a nationwide store network of more than 200 stores and is one of the industry’s fastest growing franchises.