WATER WORKS: Aquabest Partners with PLDT SME Nation for New Green Campaign


Philippine Daily Inquirer

02 June 2011

Picture shows (L-R) PLDT SME Nation Account Officer Delfin Repatacodo, PLDT SME Nation GMM North Area Sales Head Clint Villanueva, PLDT SME Nation GMM North East Business Head Jane Calilung, Aquabest General Manager Neil Delgado, Aquabest Marketing and Communications Manager Joel Cruz and Aquabest IT Operations Administrator Roxly Rivero


Quality drinking water is not a luxury. It is a basic necessity for one to access and for all to enjoy. This is advocacy of Aquabest, the country’s leading water treatment business. Since it started its franchising business in 1997, Aquabest has rapidly increased its network to over 500 water refilling stations nationwide. At the core of its success lies the company’s commitment to premium products and service.

“Our stores not only sell clean drinking water but the best quality water possible through the application of advances technology, “says Neil Delgado, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Global Quality Waters and Environmental Solution Technologies, Inc. (GQWEST), holdings company of Aquabest.

Aquabest recently introduced “structured water” – the first of its kind in the country, through its Shift Happens campaign. Structured water is the purest kind of water. Through the grander technology which can reshape water’s molecular structure, Aquabest now boasts of the only drinking water that is healthier and more easily absorbed by the body.

Aquabest’s structured water is free from bacteria or biological contaminants, harmful chemicals and physical contaminants. It hydrates the body better down to the cellular level. Our consumers are assured that Aquabest is healthier to drink as it contains more dissolved oxygen, “Delgado explains.

The challenge

The introduction of “structured water” to the public is just phase one of Aquabest’s Shift Happens campaign. The company’s future plans include the purchase of new technology and equipment. The company has also embarked on a Green Mindset campaign by reducing its paper trail.

“If you have the passion, creativity follows.”

PLDT SME Nation played a major role through its partnership with Aquabest for the successful implementation of the campaign. Through i-Gate, PLDT’s high speed dedicated internet connection, Delgado says they are able to better manage a huge number of partners widely dispersed throughout Metro Manila. Internet access also helps Aquabest keep up with the latest in water treatment technologies around the world.

The solutions

•    Online processing of e-documents. Reduction of paper trail through an online portal. This enables them to do online approvals from the different departments and regional officers.
•    Monitoring of branches and franchisees. Operations can be done online, including monitoring of movement in satellite offices.
•    Process measurement. Easier transmission of data helps measure data gathered more effectively.

Delgado says that he looks forward to working hand with PLDT for future technological advancements, including an online ordering system, connectivity of all franchisees to the head office, POS system upgrades and video conferencing for branches nationwide.

He believes that by delegating tech-related concerns to PLDT, the company can focus on its core businesses thereby harnessing its own strengths and full potential for a synergy that produces maximum ideal results.

Joel Cruz, Marketing & Communications Manager and General Manager Neil Delgado look forward to working with PLDT SME Nation in automating their business processes.

A great way to make business more efficient – Aquabest launches its latest idea, a Combostore that combines three services in one.



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