Happy Father’s Day!

Fathers are the unsung heroes of every family toiling hard to provide for their loved ones. That is why they deserve a treat this Father’s Day.

However, treating your dad to the usual restaurant for lunch or dinner or even going out for a movie may be a bit passé for the active on the go dads of today. That is why one should go for a more active celebration. Not only would it be interesting, it would also allow for bonding. There are numerous activities and places that people can do or visit this Father’s Day.

For those people who are sporty and adventurous why not go out on a road trip. There are many places up north or down south that can provide a unique experience for the intrepid family. One can choose to go to the Batangas area and marvel at the various small towns with their own little secrets. Or one can choose to marvel at the soaring mountains like Mount Batulao or the beaches at Nasugbu or Taal.  In the North, there are a myriad of possibilities from the historic Ilocos, the cosmopolitan hub of Subic and Clark, or the highlands of Baguio.

For those who prefer to stay in the Metro, one can choose to join the numerous sporting events popping up all over. One can choose to sign up for a marathon or a biking event that are held almost every week. For those who prefer something novel, one can look up the schedule of the dodgeball games held every week by the Philippine Dodgeball Association.

Truly there are many ways to spice up your Father’s Day this year. To get the most out of these activities one should take care to remain hydrated. To ensure that you get the best hydration possible, drink Aquabest Structured Water.

Structured water builds upon and improves water’s inherent rejuvenating and healing properties. Water from natural sources like streams and rivers can be considered “alive” with healing and rejuvenating properties with a highly symmetrical structure. However, pollutants and the high pressure and chemicals used for water treatment and transport disorder and strips water of these beneficial qualities rendering them “dead”. Structured water brings the water back to life and restores its original properties.

To get an idea of how Structured Water works picture this. Imagine your cells are doors with the water molecules as people trying to get inside. With ordinary water, these people are disorganized making entry slow laborious and inefficient. With structured water, picture these people lining up in neat lines causing entry to be faster and more efficient.  This allows structured water to offer superior hydration by penetrating each cell to its core.

With structured water, people will experience the future of water perfected by nature, delivered by technology. So stay safe, have fun this Father’s Day, and stay hydrated.

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