Hail Water!


Express Life

Sunday, 17-23 April 2011

BUSINESSMAN Carson Tan is not into basketball but he certainly knows how to be at the center of the game, where competition is tight and the game plan revolves around team play. In the end, he not only reached his goal but has literally made a good sense out of it.

In a way, this is the gist of Tan’s evolution from a failure to a successful businessman. It was a big rebound, that he is now considered as the water king.

Tan, chief executive officer of GQWEST, Inc. that operates a chain of water stations and laundry shops, clearly remembers his trials and triumphs very well and used them as stepping stones to success.
Tan said he ventured into business 15 years ago with a partnership agreement with a friend. But after four years of operation, they went bankrupt. He admitted that it was mismanaged.

Learning from that mistake, Tan bounced back and later learned that a perfect mix of dedication, the right people and technology would equate to business success.

Tan went on with the water treatment business and tried to salvage what can be saved from the company. He later infused capital and paid every debt the company owed from its suppliers.

“After paying all our debts, what we need at the time was to survive. We were on a survival mode. Fortunately for us, we weathered the storm. In 1997 our franchising for Aquabest started. We initially offered no franchise fee and no royalty fee,” Tan said.

Now, GQWEST, Inc. has been at the forefront of the water treatment industry. With its commitment to
quality, service, value and technology (QSVT), it has come up with innovative business concepts that are firsts in the industry.

“I really credit our success to our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything fell into right places, everything was so
smooth,” Tan said.

He added that they give their clients access to a highly diversified market through Aquabest and its affiliates Aquaquest.com, Best Life, Aquarevo, Aquaspree, and Oxyplus.

“As part of our commitment to the principles of QSVT, we also provide our clients cutting edge water
treatment systems along with specialized customer service. These services include marketing, technical and operational training to help familiarize them with the details of running their business,” Tan pointed out.

Among the innovations the company introduced is the use of exclusive technologies to improve the water it provides as well as integrating a laundromat concept with the traditional water refilling station.

“We are on a ‘green mindset’ campaign. When you operate a water treatment station, there would always be a high percentage of wastage because of the water pressure and the types of water filters we use. Now, what we did to save these spills was put up a laundry shop—the Laundrybest. “Our quality management system aims to resolve any quality-related problem quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. It also focuses resources on identifying possible problems and addressing them before they become a real problem. Through the company-wide inculcation of the values of QSVT, each employee is directed and expected to ensure total customer satisfaction,” Tan said.

He added that the company is also committed to continuous advancement of its capabilities through
constant innovation and research. “We try to apply the latest technology to give our clients the most affordable, scalable, and practical solutions to our clients. Simply put ‘the right solutions at the right price!”

GQWEST, Inc. is a game changer. It changes the gameplan even before its competitors could catch up
with its previous innovation and technology.

Tan said his company introduced the “3-in-1 combo store concept” when water conservation has become one of the most important issues in most part of the country as a result of the El Niño phenomenon.

“More than ever, every drop of water counts. That is why we at Aquabest introduced the ‘3-in-1 Combo Store’ concept to address the issue of water conservation and at the same time provide excellent business opportunities for people,” Tan said.

The combo store is consisted of three profitable franchises: Aquabest, Oxyplus, and Laundrybest, all in one store. “This combination offers a win-win solution for both franchisees and consumers who get to enjoy unmatched flexibility and convenience,” he said.

The “3-in-1 concept” maximizes the utilization of available water, drastically reducing wastage aside from offering clean and healthy water.

Tan said water refilling stations have been very inefficient in utilizing water. The osmosis filters discard 60 percent of the input water. The water is still safe for drinking and other uses, it’s just that they contain trace amounts of minerals which don’t pass through the filters. This water is often just given away, thrown out, or used for cleaning bottles.

With the “3-in1 concept store,” Aquabest has found ways to increase water recovery rates to 60 percent. They found that adding a laundromat to the refillig station eliminates discarded water altogether.

Laundrybest also uses eco-friendly detergents that do not harm the environment. The company’s signature “Grander technology” also alters the water’s molecular structure. This makes the washing process more efficient, allowing less detergents to be used.

The company has used this store concept for some time. It has been very successful due to the synergistic effects of the two franchises.

The consumers love the concept stores, due to the convenience they offer. The consumers can have their clothes picked up and delivered as they order their bottles free of charge.

As part of its commitment to give its consumers better value, the company has its Oxyplus brand to the concept stores to form the “3-in-1” Combo Store.

Oxyplus provides oxygenated alkaline water that has been shown to help detoxify the body and promote good health. Laundrybest, on the other hand, combines water conservation and eco-friendliness by using Aquabest’s discarded water with environment-friendly detergents.

“The addition of Oxyplus to the already popular dual store concept basically creates more value for the consumer. Before, you get convenience, good service, and eco-friendliness but now we added good health to the long list of benefits you get from Aquabest,” said Tan.

For the franchisees, they get three businesses for the price of one. If they are to get each business separately, it would cost them a lot more. The businesses complement each other and allow you to target a wider market resulting in a shorterpayback time.” Tan explained.

The 3-in-1 store package costs P1.6 million. This gives franchisees savings worth P150,000. Franchisees are sure to succeed. Thanks to the strong marketing support, good customer service, and cutting edge technology that placed the company in a league of its own in the business.


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