Aquabuzz Tips on Maximizing the Use of Your Aquabest

AQUABUZZ (Aquabest’s Super Water Man): “Water is one of the most versatile substances known to man with more than a hundred uses. We drink it, wash with it, play with it, and use it to create numerous substances among others. It is such a vital substance that our lives will never be the same again. However, Aquabest has managed not only to produce the best quality water it has also managed to improve on it by developing structured water.”

Using an Austrian technology known as Grander Technology, to restructure water molecules, the company has developed structured water. To get an idea of how Grander technology works picture this. Imagine your cells are doors with the water molecules as people trying to get inside. With ordinary water, these people are disorganized making entry slow laborious and inefficient. With structured water, picture these people lining up in neat lines causing entry to be faster and more efficient.  This allows structured water to offer superior hydration by penetrating each cell to its core. Being more efficient than ordinary water in hydrating the body, structured water is perfect for athletes who are looking for quick hydration on the go.

But more than just drinking, structured can also be used for other purposes according to Aquabuzz the super water man who is the company’s mascot. Aquabuzz says structured water can not only do what normal water can but can even do it better. Among the uses of structured water are:

1) Food preparation: Due to its modified molecular structure, structured water brings out the full flavor of food and drinks by bringing out the subtle tastes and textures of food. The effects of structured water are particularly pronounced in food items that require good water quality like coffee and tea.

2) Grooming and personal care: Ordinary tap water often contains minerals and other residues that may affect your skin. Structured water on the other hand contains no impurities that can harm your skin also it penetrates deep down your pores to hydrate and maintain the youth of your skin.

3) Pet care: Your pets are very sensitive creatures can be adversely affected by poor water quality structured water will not only hydrate them it would also keep them healthy. This is particularly true for fishes that are highly dependent on water quality for their very survival.

4) Gardening: Plants are very sensitive with regards to water, more than just watering the plants the water used to water them is also very important. Structured water allows plants to better absorb nutrients into their system allowing them to thrive. Sprinkle structured water to your houseplants and watch them bloom.

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