Aquabest’s Safety Tips This Typhoon Season


This rainy season we face many dangers brought about by typhoons such as flooding which not only damages our properties but also brings with it the risk of diseases. Among the problems people encounter during floods is the issue of ensuring access to clean water as flooding either cuts of access to or contaminates clean water. That is why it pays for people to adopt a proactive approach to ensuring clean water access.

Aquabest the country’s leading water refilling franchise would like to offer these tips to be prepared during the typhoon season.

1) Plan ahead: Determine whether you can remain in your home during the typhoon. You may be able to ride out a weak typhoon but will need to evacuate for stronger storms. Listen for warnings from your local officials or weather personnel in situations where evacuation is ordered. Note the evacuation routes and plan to leave early.

2) Stock up on essentials: Make sure you have a ready stock of food, water, medicine, and batteries. Food and water in particular should be ready to eat and requires as little processing as possible. Aquabest offers five gallon water bottles with built in faucets making drinking water available even in the event of a power outage.

3) Stay informed: Have a battery operated radio on hand to stay updated with the latest developments. One should also limit cellphone usage to conserve power and allow one to call for help if needed.

4) Ensure clean water supply: During floods clean water becomes a premium commodity so stock up on water when there is a typhoon by storing clean water on pails and drums for use for washing and bathing. For cooking and drinking order up extra water from your nearest Aquabest water store which offers free delivery.

Safeguard your belongings: Store important documents and valuables in a plastic bag and move your sensitive equipment and electronics to higher ground.


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