Aquabest: The All Filipino Water Franchise

SHIFT HAPPENS at The 10th Filipino Franchise Show!GQWEST Inc the mother company of Aquabest, the country’s leading water refilling franchise has announced the success of its participation in the recent 10th Filipino Franchise Show organized by the Association of Filipino Franchisers Incorporated (AFFI).

The company’s public launch of its “Shift Happen” campaign was both fun and star studded with the Aquabest booth being among the top crowd drawers in the event. Gracing the launch is a veritable constellation of stars like Gabby Concepcion, Nicole Hyala and Valerie Concepcion. Fans were able to meet and greet their idols while learning more about water.

Aside from meeting their favorite stars the public were also able to try their luck and test their water IQ with the games the company has prepared. The audiences where able to get loads of cool Aquabest freebies like mugs, tumblers, notebooks, and best of all “Shift Happens” t-shirts. Hundreds of lucky participants were able to go home with fabulous collectibles from the roulette wheel and other fun activities.

Also children and adults had a blast by having their picture taken with the lovable Aquabest mascot Aquabuzz. Most importantly thousands got to quench their thirst while getting to and experience what “Shift Happens” is all about by sampling Aquabest’s structured water given away at the booth to all visitors.

“Shift Happens” is the company’s effort to provide water that not only quenches your thirst but also improves your health by introducing structured water. Structured water restores the natural energy of water, thus reenergizing and renewing its restorative abilities.  The company’s Grander Technology imported from Austria makes all this, possible.

Grander Technology works by realigning water molecules to their natural configuration allowing the water to regain its natural vitality and makes the water molecules more organized. Another way to picture it would be to compare a disorganized group of people trying to enter a room contrasted with a group that lines up properly. Overall, by reorganizing the water molecules Grander technology energizes them and makes them more efficient leading to better water that will reinvigorate you to your very core.

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