Aquabest Supports World Television Week

Aquabest the country’s largest water refilling franchise would like to announce its support for World Television Week.

“Whether to entertain or inform television plays an important role in our society and our company is proud to partner with TV networks by supporting and sponsoring their shows” says Carson Tan CEO of GQWEST Inc Aquabest’s mother company. The company has credited television with helping it grow from a single store to a store network that spans the entire country.

Tan recounts that as a minor player in the industry more than a decade ago they simply did not have the resources to advertise. Still he realized the importance of advertising to build the brand which compelled him to come up with a creative solution. “I realized that what we had plenty of water so I went to the TV networks and offered to sponsor their water in return for mileage.” This pioneering strategy reaped great rewards for the company by raising its brand awareness helping it grow.

Since then, the company has not only continued supporting television shows it has expanded its efforts to supporting the outreach efforts of the networks. These include supplying water during events or during charitable efforts. The company says it plans to further expand its support to the networks as it sees this partnership as vital to its continued growth.


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