Aquabest: Giving Us Safe Drinking Water
Posted by Carina Roncesvalles

Monday, 15 January 2007

A problem can sometimes be transformed into an opportunity. For Aquabest, the problem of getting safe drinking water from the faucet turned out to be an opportunity to handle the business of providing the best source of water.

We saw the problem of water, that people cannot depend on it for drinking. We saw the need for people to have access on the present technology of producing healthy pure water, Aquabest Chief Executive Officer Carson Tan told

For close to a decade now, Aquabest has been providing clear solution to the problem of drinking water.

June 1997 witnessed the humble beginnings of Aquabest in Quezon City with starting capital of around Php1million.

And just as water flows from Aquabest, profit also began to make its own course. Water station sales was brisk and good, Carson said.

However, some road blocks happened along the way like theft and unomitored issuance and hot wand cold water dispensers that lead to loss of income.

The drive for excellence continues to flow for Aquabest. The company takes great pride in being one of the first companies to offer franchises of water refilling stations to expand the network of best sources of clean and safe drinking water on its second year in business.

It was the customers who nagged us to open a franchising company. Surprised with the numerous requests, we used the franchise fees to operate the franchising company with the first 17 franchisees forming the preferred stockholders, with us controlling the majority shares, Carson said.

He added that Aquabest franchise needs initial investment of P500,000 to P1 million, depending on the set-up.

The franchise application process includes attending the water seminar and business presentation; testing the water; submission of application form and payment of P20,000 reservation fee. It further includes site inspection, outlet construction, machine installation, and business training.

In Aquabest’s franchise network, asssistance in technical service, marketing and advertising continues to flow.

But more than just opening the doors for business opportunities, Aquabest believes that the company reaches out to the public by providing the best source of safe drinking water through the available technology.

Understanding that many Filipinos dreams of becoming an entrepreneur to secure his financial aspirations, our mission is to provide each filipino the opportunity to own, operate a viable business and make a substantial income from a well proven franchised system. With this in mind, we have to satisfy our principles of achieving what we believe are the 7 P’s of Franchise Marketing which are as follows: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Profile of Franchisor, Potential, Prayer, the company’s mission statement posted at stated .

The company now has 250 Aquabest franchises and 50 others under different names such as, AquaRevo, and Bestlife.

Carson noted that quality service, technology and brand recognition keeps the company on the mainstream. He added that high product quality and value enables the company to keep its loyal clients and make new patrons.

In years to come, Aquabest will continue to offer innovative products and services related to the water treatment industry thus widening the scope of its domain, Aquabest’s vision statement read.


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