Aquabest Celebrates Independence Day

Aquabest announces that it is committed to support Philippine development and progress by encouraging entrepreneurship this Independence day.

Aquabest the flagship brand of GQWEST Inc is the largest and fastest growing water franchise in the country with over 500 stores nationwide. With it affordable franchise package and innovative concepts, it has helped uplift the lives of thousands of our countrymen by providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and jobs. Now, it takes its commitment to helping aspiring entrepreneurs by taking the Aquabest concept to the next level with the 3 in 1 Combostore franchise.

The Combostore franchise integrates three tried, tested, and successful concepts into one. Bundled in the package are GQWEST’s Aquabest, Laundrybest, and Oxyplus brands. Aquabest is the company’s flagship brand, which is shifting to offer structured water. Laundrybest is the company’s Laundromat franchise, while Oxyplus is their oxygenated alkaline water brand. Individually, the brands are all very successful and widely known; together they form a revolutionary and holistic way of looking at the water franchise industry.

Franchisees of the Combostore stand to benefit from the expanded target market and synergies resulting from the fusion of the three brands. This triples their opportunities and chances for success without spending to individually invest in the three brands. The concepts offer a faster return period and better margins. Compared to other water franchising concepts, it is more efficient and sustainable. It does this by maximizing the use of every resource from the water to the manpower of each store.


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