5 Ways To Ensure Clean Water This Rainy Season

The rainy season is almost upon us and brings with it a host of problems with regards ensuring access to clean water.

As we begin experiencing heavy rains, it becomes increasingly difficult to secure clean water. This is because the aging water lines in the Metro have numerous holes and leaks where contaminated floodwater can seep in. This increases your risk of getting water borne diseases like cholera, typhus, and dysentery. The problem is so serious that the World Health Organization reports that unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene claim the lives of an estimated 1.5 million children under the age of five each year.

Realizing this problem, Aquabest one of the leading water refilling stations in the country has launched its “Shift Happens Campaign” that seeks to change the way we see and experience water. The campaign introduces structured water to the country. Structured water is water that has been improved to enhance its healing and restorative properties. This combined with its advanced filtration technologies means that the consumers will get the best water possible.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best and cleanest water:

1)    Check your water supply: The first step to ensure that you get clean water is to check it for any problems. Ask yourself, is the water clear, are there any sediments or particles in the water, is there any strange smells in the water? If you answer yes to any of these then you might need to have your water checked at a laboratory or you can buy some test kits from chemical supply stores.

2)    Ditch the tap: In the rainy season the flood waters may seep into leaky water pipes and bring in bacteria and chemical contaminants. That is why it may be safer to order bottled water which undergoes stringent filtration methods. A good choice for households would be Aquabest being nationally recognized and a long record of excellence. Aquabest uses advanced technologies like reverse osmosis filters that eliminate all bacterial, viral, chemical, and mechanical contaminants ensuring you get only the very best water.

3)    Invest in filtration: Use a filter for your drinking water, at a minimum.  If your water is contaminated, bathing in the water can be harmful as well.  So, you should also consider filtering your bath water.  Most filters can be bought at hardware stores and industrial supply shops. This option however requires constant maintenance since parts may need replacing also most home grade filters may not clear up all contaminants. Despite these limitations, it would be wise to invest in even basic filtration.

4)    Use Cold Water for Drinking/Cooking: Hot water tends to dissolve unwanted toxins more quickly than cold water.  As a result, only use cold water for drinking, making coffee, cooking if you want hot water to drink, heat cold water on the stove or microwave. Apart from providing you with clean water Aquabest structured water improves on waters inherent healing properties allowing it to penetrate your cells to their very core hydrating and at the same time flushing away toxins from your body making you feel good and refreshed.

5)    Bring your own water: If you are exercising outdoors, make sure that you take your own water in a safe water bottle to ensure that you are drinking filtered water.  Structured water offer athletes and health buffs the same hydrating ability of sports drinks without the food colorings that accompany conventional sports drinks. Being more efficient than ordinary water in hydrating the body, structured water is perfect for athletes who are looking for quick hydration on the go. Aquabest structured water is available in select convenience stores and nearly 500 Aquabest stores located nationwide.

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